RIP - Raster Image Processor

Our solution which allows you to immediately start printing
without a specific technique preparation.

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ETS Digital Inks, aware of the difficulty in printing sublimation colors, has come up, with years of experience, its own RIP (Raster Image Processor) called SUBLI XTREAM-JET RIP.

Thanks to SUBLI XTREAM-JET RIP, files are converted to PostScript, PDF and Raster
for printing as specific raster data according to the system.
ETS Digital Inks with SUBLI XTREAM-JET RIP was one of the first companies in the world
to use RIP software to solve the major problems in color management
and in raster separation specific for sublimation, technology only later became a standard.

The use of the linearization function, the software SUBLI XTREAM-JET RIP ensures constant quality, which is especially important for creating printing digital tests repeatable.
The RIP processes can be added at any time either individually
or in packets of three according to the needs.

ETS Digital Inks has different versions for the management from 1 to 4 printing units.


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