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About us

ETS Digital Inks was founded in 1970 and is among the first companies in the world to deal with sublimation printing.
1974 - First production of sublimation inks for screen printing.
1984 - Birth of sublimation inks for screen printing and flexography called "MA" (water-based) and "MS" (solvent).
1987 - The first formulation of sublimation inks for offset litho printing called "OF".
1998 - The first formulation of digital sublimation inks.
2005 - Birth of the second generation of digital sublimation inks.
2015 - Birth of the third generation of digital sublimation inks....
2018 - Birth of new PJA formulation: the perfection. 
And we will not stop here ...

A consolidated know-how since 1970 and a tireless pursuit of perfection. Reliability and constant quality of the products.
This is ETS Digital Inks.


ETS Digital Inks produces environmentally-friendly waterbased digital inks, which are manufactured with selected raw materials.

ETS Digital Inks is a progressive organization, committed to continual improvement of methods and procedures through an appropriate management system that identifies, prioritises and addresses environmental risks to minimise the impact on the environment.

ETS Digital Inks makes the environment an important component of its business decisions, ensuring it’s considered in planning for changes to existing materials, processes, equipment and facilities.

We conduct our business in compliance with applicable environmental regulations and legislation. As well, where appropriate we undertake voluntary initiatives that exceed applicable laws and regulations.

At ETS Digital Inks we review our strategies, objectives and targets annually and monitor environmental programs to ensure continuous improvement of our environmental performance.


ETS Digital Inks traces all the raw materials
which are used for the production of the inks.

Our inks, before being put on the market, are used and tested by us: every batch that comes from our production
has passed rigorous production and post-production tests.
This ensures high product quality and stability over time.


ETS Digital Inks listens to the needs of the market
and those seeking a solution for their business.

We deals with sublimation inks for almost 50 years.
Research, development, production and innovation.
All our experience at your service!

A team of highly qualified chemists
will support you in case of technical problems
and an efficient sales team will be at your disposal for any need.


 p.le del Lavoro,29 - 21044 Cavaria (VA) - Italy

 +39 0331 214801




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