Feed your plotter correctly:

The technological solution to preserve and improve
the performance of your plotter!

The Xtream-Jet Ink Feeder feed system is an independent unit
with 1 liter bottles for 4 or 6 colors plotters.

The tubes coming from the bottles are connected directly to the tubes inside
the plotter avoiding the passage of the ink from the cartridges.
In this way the ink is supplied to the plotter's head in a stable and continuous way.

To achieve this result, the system uses two principles:

1) the ink is not extract from the bottom of the bottle as it happens with the cartridges but from a top point. The nano-dispersed inkjet inks (as sublimation inkjet inks are) with the passing of time tend to sediment the particles. If the ink was extracted from the bottom of the bottle these particles could block dumpers or the print head,
while extract the ink from a point above avoids this problem.

2) the system considers that the ink in the lower bottle has to be always at the same height, allowing it to maintain a constant pressure to the nozzles of the print head.

The use of this feed system has many advantages both from
the operational point of view and in terms of print quality.

The ink could also be added during the operation of the plotter
without creating printing problems.

The transparent bands on the bottles allows continuous visual monitoring
of the level of ink's consumption.

The system could feed simultaneously 2 plotters, even if the print heads are at the same height.

Adaptable to all types of plotters thanks to its adjustable height.


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